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Remote working - ways to work remotely in the AEC industry while

  • Maintaining productivity,
  • Minimising risk,
  • Ensuring users can work with large files in Autodesk Apps like Revit, AutoCAD & Civil 3D


Leave your desktop on in the office & connect from home PC/laptop via secure connection.

You remotely control your office PC & this has the following benefits:

  • Data remains on the company server
  • Files are locked as normal preventing overwriting
  • Data gets backed up as normal
  • The remote desktop connection uses keystrokes over the broadband connection rather than downloading the files to your home device
  • You get access to all the work related programs, i.e. Office Suite & Autodesk Applications
  • Work on large files in AutoCAD or Revit as if you were in the office

Remote user requirements

  • Client supplied home PC/laptop or one of our stock offerings (Limited Stock - Contact Us)
  • VPN client licence (virtual private network) client software installed on home device for encrypted connection to the office
  • Diatec to configure existing Office firewall for VPN use to include 2-factor authentication
  • Install/configure VPN client licence on home PC/laptop
  • Deploy client Anti-virus to home PC/laptop
  • Instruct home user on use
  • Set-up existing PC in your office to accept remote desktop from your home device

Get a quote for per user VPN Set-up - Email for Details or use the contact form



  • All works would be completed remotely by Diatec technical team
  • If using your own supplied home PC/laptop as opposed to new business supplied one, the old device needs to be in good running order (i.e. not running slow or nearly full & it needs to be a Windows 10 device).
  • We cannot be responsible nor do we have the time to start fixing issues on old home devices.
  • If you decide to utilize an existing home device, the business does run a greater risk of exposure to ransomware & other threats (even with new updated AV deployed) than would be the case if you were to procure a new inexpensive laptop. This is because you cannot be sure what the home device has been utilised for or what has been installed or deployed, whereas a new business supplied inexpensive laptop can be locked down more effectively for business Apps.
  • Connectivity issues including any latency experienced by a remote desktop user, will depend on the quality & speed of both the home broadband & the office broadband, the total number of users accessing remotely, any limit on the number of connections your Office firewall will support, the speed/age of the firewall in the office & the size of any large files particularly very large Revit files.
  • Pricing based on existing SonicWall firewall in situ in company Office. If nothing in place or old firewall in place, Diatec can quote, supply & install upgraded SonicWall firewall suitable for the scale of your business. Get in touch, email quickquotes@diatec.ie or speak to Laura, James, Sonja or David on 01-8530661


Do you need to continue to access your Revit models in a work-sharing environment, then move your Revit models to BIM 360 cloud. BIM 360 Design enables teams, within your own company or in collaboration with multiple external companies, to securely perform Revit cloud work-sharing & manage the exchange of work-in-progress data across the project lifecycle.

Centralise design collaboration & design data exchange on a common data platform in the cloud to help improve productivity & reduce rework.

Single Project Repository

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Support for all file types
  • Project activity log


  • List and thumbnail views
  • Version control & rollback
  • Single viewer for 2D and 3D files

Deliverable coordination

  • Reduce rework with trackable activity
  • Facilitate model exchange and deliverable coordination
  • Curate sets to separate work-in-progress from shared files

Access Controls

  • Project and folder level access rights
  • Define access by role, company or user
  • Assign five permission levels

Change visualisation

  • View added, removed or modified elements
  • Understand changes in context between aggregated models in a single space
  • Navigate change visualisation by team, phase, building level & more


  • Online and offline access on web, phone & tablet
  • PDF and model viewer, optimised for Apple iOS
  • Navigate between documents without closing viewer


Get BIM 360 Design Free UNDER EXTENDED ACCESS PROGRAM till 31/05/20 - details here

Before you jump into the FREE TRIAL - talk to us first as there are a few issues you need to be aware of.

This will prevent you from making mistakes in the initial set-up & continued usage of the platform.

Get in touch by contacting us here or email us at autodesk@diatec.ie


Follow-on pricing after extended trial usage:

BIM 360 Design single user €980.00 per annum (equates to €81.66 per user per month)
Per-user based on 10-user pack €898.00 per annum
Per-user based on 25-user pack €798.00 per annum 

For larger quantities get in touch quickquotes@diatec.ie or talk to Laura, James, Sonja, Mark or David on 01-8530661

Implementation & support options available

Get in touch by contacting us here or email us at autodesk@diatec.ie


Here is everything you need to know about preparing for the big move.

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Do you use CAD Applications that require powerful systems?

Here is what you will need to set-up a remote work space where you can access your CAD files and back it up with a powerful system. 

✔️ VPN License - allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet.

✔️ Antivirus - To make sure your home system doesn't transfer dodgy files to the work system. 

✔️Option to purchase an entry-level remote laptops that supports your CAD applications. 




Do you want to access all your work files, browsers, software and other admin applications?

Here is what you will need to set-up a remote work space where you can access all files that will help you stay communicated with the team and maintain productivity.

✔️ VPN License - allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet.

✔️ Antivirus - To make sure your home system doesn't transfer dodgy files to the work system. 


Other ways of remote working that we can configure & support

BIM 360 Docs cloud based solution for publishing, managing, reviewing & approving project information on a common data platform with unlimited storage


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Ask us about the Citrix Servers with graphics support for Revit & AutoCAD applications, Riverbed SteelHead & Panzura Freedom Collaboration.

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